Jonny Smith | Fifth Gear
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Fifth Gear

Channel 5, Discovery, History, 2006 – 2015


Jonny joined in 2006 as one of the show’s presenters along side Vicki Butler-Henderson, Jason Plato and Tiff Needell. The formula was always simple; drive and review the latest cars, whether £6,000 or £6 million. Jonny often saw appreciation in under-dog cars, sniffed out compelling second hand purchases and thrived on making features of stark contrast. Like that time he went camping with a £7 tent and a £300,000 Rolls Royce Phantom. Or became the fastest passenger in the world inside a Vauxhall. A 3000bhp Vauxhall.


From intentional crashes to cheek-clenching track driving, Jonny’s globe trotting 16 series on Fifth Gear saw him develop as an accomplished performance driver, as well as delving into the car cultural world.