Jonny Smith | VIDEOS
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Jonny’s own Youtube channel – Carpervert – is set to grow imminently, with films that encompass his unique take on the latest cars, alongside his quest to find the most compelling car builders, owners/collectors and their eclectic vehicular tastes.


Sometimes there may be vintage lawn ride-on mowers here, other times autonomous race cars. Sponsored content will be considered. Be sure to subscribe.

Fully Charged


Alongside the channel founder Robert Llewellyn (author, Red Dwarf actor and eco technology evangelist) Jonny reviews the latest plug-in vehicles and EV related tech.

Smith & Sniff


The Youtube channel where chums Richard Porter (script editor Grand Tour, ex Top Gear) and Jonny Smith attempt to review a new car they are driving, but instead banter about everything and nothing en-route to nowhere in particular.