Jonny Smith | 1977 Austin Allegro 2-door V6 street sleeper
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1977 Austin Allegro 2-door V6 street sleeper

Yes, I own an Allegro. Blame it on my Grand parents and Auntie Margaret, who both owned them – mustard and plop brown respectively. I always vowed to turn my guilty pleasure Allegro into an unsuspectingly quick street car, hence Project Retirement Rocket. This is a rare 2-door two-lady owner car purchased from my home neck of the woods in Somerset. The engine is a Rover 827 2.7 24v V6 made by Honda, with 5-speed transmission, adjustable coilver suspension and stand-alone ECU. 180bhp in a car that weighs about 800kg. It’s been on the boil for 10 years and is still unfinished. Many accessories collected for it, though. There is talk of a big turbo being added.